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Weird Weekly: shop local

True – born and raised – Austinites are proud people.  Hell… Even those non-native to Austin [or even Tejas] love this magnificent city!  And why wouldn’t we?!  As far as we are concerned, no other city even comes close to ranking above our humble abode.  So, what do you suppose happens in a city where hundreds of thousands of people adore the city they reside in?

a THRIVING economy!

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Photo Credit: Go Local Austin Facebook Page

Few other cities, that we’ve lived in and visited, have an endless surplus of local cafes, restaurants and boutiques.  Austin gets an A++ in the originality and eclectic shopping categories.  “A chain business?  What’s that?”   Sustainability is our middle name; and we take great pride in making sure our hard earned money goes back into supporting the businesses that make our beloved city so wonderful!

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Photo Credit: Go Local Austin Facebook Page

In our hunt to hit up some new places we’ve yet to check out, we stumbled across Go Local Austin – a customer rewards program that gives special offers to tons of places all around Austin.  Similar to that “buy 10, get one free” punch card, the Go Local Austin Card is far superior.  Not only does it replaces all of those pesky, and often forgettable, loyalty cards we have stuffed into your wallets, it also helps to reduce our carbon footprint, helps independent businesses stay afloat, creates jobs locally and keeps our dollars right where they belong… in our local economy!  Being a part of Go Local Austin gives you instant gratification with each visit to your favorite restaurants, boutiques, museums and more; many of which are located right at the center of our wonderful city!

We’ve created a beautiful metropolis of exceptional sustainability…  Let’s do our best to keep it that way!

 photo LocalShopping_zpsf9d70232.jpg

Photo Credit: Go Local Austin Facebook Page

Learn more about Go Local Austin by visiting HERE.

To learn more about the benefits of supporting the local economy, click HERE.







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