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Weird Weekly: New Year, New Resolutions & Giving Back!

Every new year brings new resolutions.  And by “new,” we mean recycled resolutions we threw out the window three weeks into the previous new year!  But it makes sense to give ourselves resolutions — goals — to achieve.  A new year is the perfect chance for a new beginning.  What we didn’t get right in 2014, we WILL nail in 2015!

“This year I WILL backpack through Europe.”  

“This year I WILL land my dream job.” 

“This year I WILL buy a house!”

It’s a wonderful thing to aim big, to be ambitious, and to work towards your dreams; but sometimes, even the smallest of milestones can be just as satisfying!  Perhaps vow to give up caffeine in the journey to becoming healthier.  Maybe you can finally clean out that old storage closet and donate some things to Goodwill.  One thing we strongly encourage each of you to do in 2015 – ourselves included – is to donate your time and volunteer throughout the various organizations around town.  Austin is a mecca of philanthropic work and it’s because of people like you – the residents of Austin – that this city is so successful in its charitable efforts.

Our team recently had the opportunity to work with Austin Animal Center where we donated a few hours of our time simply to help walk the dogs.  There were six of us total and although we all have dogs of our own, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.  After a quick introduction from a fellow, and long time, volunteer named John, we were off to walk the bigger dogs under his supervision.  There were rows and rows of kennels filled with precious faces and glowing eyes, and they all seemed to be barking at once.  It was a bit overwhelming.  Where to start?

 photo AAC_zps8eb0cd31.jpg

Photo Credit – Austin Animal Center

Very quickly, we each got the hang of it.  There was no time to fumble over nervousness and shaking hands.  The dogs needed us at our best.  And if we may speak candidly, some were far easier to handle than others.  Some dogs were rambunctious, while others fell to the floor to have their bellies rubbed.  Some pulled at their leashes, while others calmly walked beside you.  But despite the differences in their temperaments and size, one thing was exactly the same in each.  Their eagerness to learn and to please.

People say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Well that’s a load of crap… No pun intended.  Many of the dogs we handled were upwards of two years old and it was evident that with a little bit of guidance and patience, each one had the potential to be a loving, loyal, and well mannered pet.

Did you know that Austin is the largest no-kill city in America?  The city as a whole maintains over a 93% survival/rescue rate for all of the animals in its shelters.  And it’s because of organizations like Austin Animal Center, that devotes all of its resources to the lives of animals, that Austin is able to maintain that status.

AAC is run primarily on donations and with the help of volunteers.  And truth be told, volunteering just a few hours was far more work than any of us at Live Weird Realty ever imagined.  Many of us came home with sore muscles and scratches we didn’t have before.  But it was worth it.  Not only did we help to foster a relationship with the community of Austin that we all love so much, but it really does make a world of difference to the people who run AAC and especially all of the adoptables.

So in your search for finding the perfect organization to donate your time to in 2015, consider Austin Animal Center.  To learn more, click HERE.

 photo AAC2_zpsd95bbead.png

Photo Credit – Austin Animal Center


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