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Weird Weekly: It’s A Puppypalooza!

Austin.  No doubt, a city that prefers animals to people.

Don’t get us wrong…  our humble metropolitan… which was once America’s best kept secret, is now a melting pot of locals that come from all walks of life.  And we love it that way.  It makes no difference where you come from, we welcome you with open arms.

Quite frankly however, in this little urban refuge we call home, we much prefer to bond with your fetching furry friends!  Can you blame us?!  Who can turn away from those adorable, drooling faces that want to simply smother us in wet kisses?!

Naturally, in an affable city that adores your lovable pets, it’s no surprise that for three years running, Austin has proudly worn the title of the largest No-Kill city in the United States.  Folks!  A huge round of applause for Austin Pets Alive (APA!), who created and lobbied for the “no-kill plan” back in 2010.  APA!, a non-profit org, has been able to save more than 25,000 animals from euthanasia since its inception in 2008.  To date, Austin maintains a live outcome rate of over 90% on a month-to-month basis, saving and rehoming more animals than any other city in the country!

And the impact APA! has been able to make on the city of Austin is largely evident.  Everywhere you turn, the people of ATX walk happily with their pups in tow.  Swimming at Barton Springs, playing fetch in Zilker Park or catching a happy hour drink with their human, dogs everywhere can be seen wagging their tails and happily enjoying Austin just as much as the rest of us!

SoooOOooOoooO…. Head out to Moontower Saloon this Saturday, June 28th, to support APA! for an all-day PUPPYPALOOZA for you and your barking buddies to enjoy!  From 11am until 4pm, this 21+ event will feature live music, pet relays and contests, pet products and services and cold drinks for you and your four-legged pals to enjoy!

 photo Puppy_zpsf738a2a8.jpg

Photo Credit: Austin Pets Alive

At Live Weird Realty, we love our fuzzy companions just as much as the rest of Austin.  Here’s a quick peek at the Live Weird furry family that almost outnumbers us 7 to 9.


 photo Maize_zpsa9f52805.jpg

Live Weird Realty Agent Caroline Atchison belongs to wild, girl Maize!


 photo Bowie_zps2e2c7072.jpg

Handsome devil Bowie keeps a watchful eye on his human, Joel Canada!


 photo Gizmo_zps1e741fe7.jpg

Striking boy, Gizmo enjoying his day in the park with mama and Live Weird Agent, Mandy Fortin


 photo Wyatt_zps8f6256b6.jpg

Live Weirder’s Sophia Sanchez and Jeremy Gonzales happily belong to adorable Ben Wyatt who’s posing perfectly for the camera!


 photo Tonka_zps18d82465.jpg

Tonka Truck playing coy and showing her support for LSU! Live Weird Agent Brendan Ross is the lucky human who belongs to this sassafras!


 photo Soco_zps66b9d63d.jpg

Live Weirder, Brendan Ross embracing in a hug with Soco!



 photo Dax_zpsb255c225.jpg

An action shot from Dax! This spry pooch belongs to Live Weirder, Jordan Sistrunk!


So stop in with your pups to Live Weird Realty and say hi anytime… Or, join some of us this Saturday at PUPPYPALOOZA!  Help keep Austin the largest “no-kill” city in America!!

And before we say goodbye, here’s a quick list of our favorite places around town that welcome both you and your furry friends!

Handlebar Austin

Buzz Mill


Black Sheep Lodge



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