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Weird Weekly: How Many People Move to Austin Daily – Official Number Released

As a follow-up to our post last week on the record-breaking number of home sales and massive market expansion within the Austin area, we thought it fitting to inform you of the actual number of people that move to Austin on a daily basis. Reported by the Austin Business Journal, this number is based on research done by Austin’s own noted demographer, Ryan Robinson. It is described as the “net arrivals per day”, meaning that it factors into account the number of people leaving the city from day to day.


Are you ready for this?


110 people PER DAY are moving to the Austin area. This would account for the city being ranked #1 on Forbes’ list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities in the country for the second year in a row. ABJ also noted that the city had an estimated 2.5 percent population growth in 2013, and also that the economy grew by 5.9 percent, a pretty rare feat among US cities in this day and age. Obviously, the population growth, economy boost, and housing market are all closely tied – population growth leads to housing market expansion which correlates to a surge in the economy.


Hopefully, Austin will continue to grow and our beautiful city will thrive! Let us also hope for our highways to magically expand over night.



Photo credit: Nick Simonite/ABJ


Check out the full Forbes list here.

Read the ABJ article here.


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