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Weird Weekly: Finding Your Place in Austin (Part II)

In this Wednesday’s edition of Weird Weekly, we will be continuing our exploration of Austin’s finest and most well-known neighborhoods and niches that we began last week. In hopes of helping all of you migrating to our fair city to find a place to call your own, let us dive in to this week’s featured sub-cultures.




Hyde Park

This area of town just north of The University of Texas campus is the closest thing you are going to find to a true neighborhood this side of Mopac. It has beautiful homes, eclectic apartment complexes, one-of-a-kind town homes, and a fewer amount of undergraduates than you would think for being so close to UT campus. Your typical Hyde Park resident is either a grad student, a small hippie family living off their trust funds, or an elderly Austin couple who enjoy elderly Austin couple things (porch swinging, sweet tea sipping, hydroponic growing). Hyde Park is also chalk full of great restaurants and coffee shops that are renound throughout town, such as Hyde Park Bar & Grill (best fries in Austin), Antonelli’s Cheese Shop (supplier of every cheese plate in Austin), Dolce Vita, and The Flag Mart (Google this one). The vintage shops and fine dining that line 53rd street are also a huge part of what makes this neighborhood one of the true gems of Austin.


Hyde Park Bar & Grill


West Campus

Forewarning: if you are not an undergraduate student, it is absolutely socially unacceptable to live in this part of town. Like seriously, don’t even think about it. This one piece of information is essentially all one needs to know when considering renting an apartment in this neighborhood (because Lord knows you can NOT buy a house here). If you are a UT student, or even an ACC or Saint Edward’s student, West Campus is the only way to go. Guadalupe Street is the only thing separating The 40 Acres of UT campus from block after block of luxury apartment complexes and fraternity houses, mixed in with food trucks, lots 24 hour dining options, and bars. Plenty of bars.



“The Drag” on Guadalupe


Next week concludes this blog series, so be sure to come back next Wednesday for the final installment!



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