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Weird Weekly: Finding Your Place in Austin

Finding a place to live here in Austin, Texas can be overwhelming. There are so many areas, activities, and aspects to consider, and just when you think you have found perfect little home on the East Side, there will be a place in South Central that looks even more appealing. We’ve pulled our vast wealth of knowledge here at Live Weird to help you better decide just where in this marvelous city you belong.





This one should be fairly obvious: Love living the luxurious downtown life? Spend most of your time in a night club or bar? Do you enjoy the sleek feel of ultra-modern high rise apartments? If so, downtown living is definitely for you. Enormous apartment complexes are going up in the 78701 area code faster than a Starbucks on an empty street corner these days, so if you are willing to shell out a pretty penny for your prettier living space (or for the convenience of stumbling home at 2 am), there is no shortage of options.


The East Side

Does your bike get more action than the Subaru sitting in your parking space? Do you wear outfits of solid denim multiple times a week? Are you constantly looking for the “next big thing”? Look no further, Hipster, you have arrived. The side of Austin east of Interstate 35 is widely known the be the up and coming neighborhood, with more amazing gentrified complexes and food trucks than you can shake a stick at. There are also several dive bars, music venues, and art houses to spend your spare time in.

Seeing as this area is located directly over the highway from Downtown, this will also be your place of refuge if you love the downtown lifestyle, but can’t convince yourself to pay the high price to live there. The East Side is considerably cheaper than it’s western counterpart and still within walking/biking distance of the downtown, nightlife scene.




South Central

If you are perfectly content with being the most fashionable, stable, fun-loving person in your group of friends, South Central is your spot. The area south of Lady Bird Lake, in between and surrounding South Congress and South 1st, is the place where your standard young professional Austinite comes to reside sooner or later. There are lots of well-established eateries and venues, Barton Creek, Zilker Park, and so on. It’s a great place to explore everything that the city really has to offer, as well as a perfect place to bring a young family. When everything else seems too extreme, South Central Austin is a great, reliable fall-back.


south congress



Tune in next week, as we will feature more areas of our beautiful city! 

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