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Weird Weekly: Apartment Variation in ATX



Anyone that is looking at one-bedroom apartments in Austin, TX may be surprised about the variations in

kinds and quality. There is a little bit of everything here ranging from some very basic ones to those that

can only be described as luxury units. Anyone that is looking for a new place like this will want to think

about features beyond the basics like pricing in order to get the best result.


Basic or beyond?

There can be a lot of reasons why people might choose the basic, low budget units. Some of these get

chosen simply because of budget concerns. People see pricing for the unit but often don’t think about how

other factors can influence the real price. Having to drive further to work is one issue people sometimes

don’t take into consideration. Another is living in a unit that has poor insulation or single pane windows.

Older units like these often have old HVAC systems and these can be costly to heat and cool. All of these

things can actually add to the price a person pays to live in a unit.

The more upscale units tend to be newer. These typically have a higher quality of construction and have better insulation

and HVAC systems that are cheaper to operate. These units also tend to have newer, energy saving

kitchen appliances. Better insulation will also mean the units are quieter.


Recreational features and amenities

The people that live in one-bedroom units are singles or couples for the most part. Many of them

are starting out in a new city and don’t know a lot of people. Living in a community that has a lot of

recreational features can help them to expand their social circle but also offer fun things to do that are free to residents.


Some of the best things to look for in a new unit can be options to interact with others such as a lounge

with a wet bar, a clubroom or community room with a kitchen, tables for playing cards or a big screen

TV. Some properties have billiards tables or gaming features. One thing to look for is a community that offers

a social calendar. More places are including this feature on their websites and this can offer people more

information about events in and around the complex. Some sites have deals and specials that are offered

from local merchants.


People will also want to keep in mind the benefits of the traditional amenities such as a pool or a fitness

center. Many properties have updated fitness centers that can eliminate the need to join an outside gym.


We hope that all potential clients take these variations in to account when finding their new home.




This guest post was written with the help of Alexan Vistas.

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