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Looking for Storage in Austin? Here’s What You Need to Know

Despite the reputation it has developed from television programs like Storage Wars, self-storage is not a place where household junk goes to die. In fact, storage can be a solution for all kinds of problems—if you’re moving to or within Austin, if you’re renovating your home, or if you need to temporarily clear away some clutter, storage can not only make your life easier; it can save you money. Think about it: a month-long renovation project or a complicated move could otherwise force you to dispose of things you’d later need to buy back.

But while storage can make things easier, finding the right size of unit at the right price isn’t always as simple as you might think. Book a unit too big and you’ll be paying more than you need a month, while a unit that’s too small will of course fail to do the job. In order to make things easier, we’ve broken down a guide to the standard sizes and what you should expect to pay for them in Austin.

5×5: The smallest of the standard sizes, a 5×5 unit is about the size of small closet. These units are great for chairs, cabinets, electronics and boxes. If you need to go smaller, many facilities also offer storage lockers that are only a few feet deep. The average price of a 5×5 unit in Austin is $47/month.

5×10: great for college students or others who might need to store a few pieces of furniture and a couple of boxes, 5x10s are the size of a large closet and can contain the typical contents of a small bedroom or studio apartment. This includes mattress sets, small couches, tables, chairs, and boxes. Expect to pay around $61 a month for a 5×10 unit in Austin.

10×10: the most versatile of sizes, 10x10s are excellent for those who have more than a few things to store yet don’t want to blow out their budget. 10x10s are the size of a large bedroom and can typically do the task for a two bedroom apartment. This is a great size for storing bedroom sets, refrigerators and other appliances, large drawers, and lots and lots of boxes. Expect to pay approximately $96 a month.

10×15: the size of a one-car garage, 10x15s are for heavy-duty storage purposes. You’re likely to only need such a unit if you’re in the middle of a move or a major home renovation, or are storing a vehicle. 10x15s can easily take on the contents of a 2 to 3 bedroom home, and are capable of storing whole bedroom sets, large appliances, and small vehicles. Expect to pay about $129 a month in Austin.

10×20: this garage-sized unit is the behemoth of the storage world, capable of swallowing as much as Pinocchio’s whale—or, in other words, the contents of a 4-bedroom household.  You’re likely only to need such a unit if you’re a family in the process of a complicated move—if you fill a 10×20 with clutter, we recommend you donate or recycle its contents instead.

So there you are. Before starting your storage search, take inventory of what you’d like to store and take account of your budget, then consult the list above.

Brian Shreckengast is a writer at Self Storage Deals, a price-focused search engine for finding discount storage units.

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