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Best High Schools in Austin and the Surrounding Areas

Teens living in and around the Austin, Texas area are lucky enough to be in close proximity to some of the country’s best schools. Austin and the surrounding area have five of the 500 top ranked high schools in the United States. Common factors in these schools include a small student body and a high student to teacher ratio. These five schools represent the best in testing scores and college attendance rates.

Liberal Arts and Science Academy

The Liberal Arts and Science Academy in northeast Austin is ranked seventh out of all Texas high schools. The curriculum focuses on developing science skills and strengthening student’s understanding of liberal arts. Admission to the academy is very competitive. Only the best and brightest are chosen from the Austin area. Creativity in students is strongly encouraged as the school seeks to turn out well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the rigors of post high school studies. Students enjoy instruction from the top teaching talent in the southwest United States.

Westwood High School

Westwood High School is located in Anderson Mill and represents one of the top 100 high schools in the United States. Students receive intensive instruction with classes lasting at least one and a half hours. There is one teacher for every 16 students. This low student to teacher ratio ensures that students have adequate attention, and a teacher is always available to offer assistance.

Westlake High School

Westlake High School is a public school in the Eanes Independent School District. It was ranked the fourth best public school in the Austin area. Participation in advanced placement classes is among the highest in the area. The sports program at Westlake is one of the most prestigious in Texas. The school has turned out a high level of professional football stars, baseball players and Olympic swimmers.

Drippings Springs High School

This school in the town of Dripping Springs, Texas, is an excellent choice for students who wish to be very well prepared for college. Dripping Springs has one of the highest completion rates in the state. Nearly 100 percent of the students who attend this school graduate, and 93 percent of those students go on to attend a college or university. Academic performance takes a front seat to sports and extracurricular activities allowing students to fully concentrate on their college preparedness.

Anderson High School

Anderson High School is located right near the heart of Austin. It is ranked number six on a list of best high schools in the Austin area. Anderson strongly encourages bilingualism and offers students the chance to participate in the International Baccalaureate Program. The school has a heavy emphasis on sports participation and boasts a championship wrestling team.

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